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Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses – Wikipedia

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**1. Publication Details:**
– ‘Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses’ is a 1892 pamphlet by H. F. Lester.
– The pamphlet is 19 pages long and was printed in London in 1892.
– It was issue number five of the Humanitarian League’s Pamphlet Series.
– The cost of one issue in 1892 was 2 pence.
– Copies of the pamphlet are available in microfilm format in various countries.

**2. Content Summary:**
– The pamphlet is divided into three sections.
– It discusses the demoralization of character associated with meat-eating.
– Lester suggests converting slaughterhouses into places for grains and fruit.
– Diseases like tuberculosis can be transmitted through meat consumption.
– Poor conditions in private and public slaughterhouses are detailed.

**3. Response from Slaughtermen:**
– Lester described slaughtermen as unclean and the dregs of the population.
– A slaughterman responded, refuting the portrayal of their class as degraded.
– The response highlighted the misrepresentation of slaughtermen by Lester.
– The slaughterman defended their duty and honesty.
– The response criticized vegetarian agitation against meat-eating.

**4. References and Sources:**
– Citations include works by Bassett (2019), Young Lee (2008), and Salt (1921).
– Other sources referenced are from the British Museum Staff (1902) and Worldcat Staff (2020).
– The pamphlet itself is cited for various sections and pages.
– Additional sources like the Vegan Picks Staff (2020) and The Zoophilist Staff (1893) are included.

**5. Noteworthy Figures and Works in Vegetarianism:**
– Key Figures: Carol J. Adams, William Alcott, Rynn Berry, Howard Williams, Ellen G. White.
– Historical Works: ‘Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses’ (1891), ‘Why I Am a Vegetarian’ (1892), ‘Figs or Pigs?’ (1895), ‘Fruits of Philosophy’ by Alcott, ‘Vegetarianism and Occultism’ by Adams.
– Notable Contributors: Bertrand P. Allinson, Ernest Bell, Helen Nearing, James Rachels, Henry Stephens Salt.
– Medical Perspectives: Elmer Lee, Eli Peck Miller, Harry Willis Miller, William Lambe, Lucius Duncan Bulkley.
– Modern Influences: Nava Atlas, Mayim Bialik, Gypsy Boots, BOSH!, Kathleen Keen Zolber.

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