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Boston Vegetarian Society

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**1. Boston Vegetarian Society Overview:**

– Established in 1986
– Initially focused on vegan potlucks in church basement in late 1980s
– Incorporated in Massachusetts as an educational non-profit in 1998
– Granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status by IRS in July 1998
– Provides information on events, hosts Boston Vegetarian Food Festival, offers cooking classes, and promotes vegetarianism through various channels

**2. Boston Vegetarian Food Festival:**

– Annual event since 1996 by Boston Vegetarian Society
– Initially held at MIT’s Howard W. Johnson Athletics Center
– Notable speakers like Dr. Charles R. Attwood
– Held a World Vegetarian Day celebration in Boston Common in 1996
– Moved to Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center in 1998, expanded to 2 days in 2009

**3. Vegetarianism Resources and References:**

– NCCS Organization Profile – Boston Vegetarian Society
– Nonprofit Organization Lookup
– 990-EZ Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax for Boston Vegetarian Society
– Various articles and publications related to the society and its events

**4. External Links and Additional Resources:**

– Wikimedia Commons related to Boston Vegetarian Food Festival
Viva! Health
– Various historical works on vegetarianism and related topics

**5. Figures in Vegetarianism:**

– Pioneers of Vegetarianism (Benner, George Black, Ernest Bonnejoy, Lucius Duncan Bulkley, J. L. Buttner)
– Influential Figures in Vegetarianism (Paul Carton, Job Caudwell, George Cheyne, Henry S. Clubb, Antonio Cocchi)
– Notable Contributors to Vegetarianism (Lenna F. Cooper, Daniel H. Kress, William Lambe, W. R. C. Latson, Elmer Lee)
– Writers and Activists in Vegetarianism (Susan M. Levin, Al-Maarri, Alice G. Marsh, Elmer McCollum, William Metcalfe)
– Modern Voices in Vegetarianism (Eli Peck Miller, Harry Willis Miller, J. Howard Moore, Reuben D. Mussey, Helen Nearing)

The Boston Vegetarian Society (BVS) is a non-profit educational organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, with the purpose of promoting and supporting vegetarianism and veganism. It hosts monthly speaking events and an annual vegetarian food festival in the fall.

Boston Vegetarian Society
Founded1986 (1986)
TypeEducational charity
Registration no.043082813
FocusVeganism, vegetarianism
  • P.O. Box 38-1071 Cambridge, MA 02238
Area served
Eastern Massachusetts
ServicesEducational events and literature supporting vegan diets
MethodPopular education
[Figure needed]
As of September 2012 $52,434
EndowmentAs of September 2012 $127,324
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Affiliate member of North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS), Vegetarian Union of North America (VUNA), and International Vegetarian Union (IVU)
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