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Canavalia ensiformis – Wikipedia

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– C. ensiformis is a twining plant up to 1 meter in height.
– Deep roots make it drought resistant.
Plant spreads via long runners.
– Flowers are pink-purple in color.
– Pods can be up to 36 centimeters long with large white seeds.

Plant not in large-scale commercial cultivation.
– Beans are mildly toxic; excessive consumption should be avoided.
– Boiling can remove toxicity if done properly.
– Young foliage is edible.
– Whole plant used for fodder but not in mixtures containing urea due to high urease content.

– C. ensiformis has numerous English names.
– Names can be misleading or ambiguous.
– Names often compare the plant to others with similar seeds or fruit.
Plant thrives in warm, sunny places with ample water or rain.

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