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Carnage (2017 film) – Wikipedia

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SUBTOPIC: Setting and Characters
– Film set in 2067
Veganism prevalent, meat eating banned
– Yasmine Vondenburgen, psychotherapist
– Davina, former carnist
– Celebrity chefs: Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

SUBTOPIC: Historical Context
The Vegan Society established in 1944
– Meat rationed during war (1944-1954)
– Fanny Cradock promotes carnism
– US food companies use toys to disguise meat
– Intensive farming leads to BSE crisis and diseases from 2004

SUBTOPIC: Technological Advances
– Young people use VR to experience meat
– New VR tech stops them from eating meat
– Thought Translator invented in 2035
– Animals communicate via Joanna Lumley’s voice
– Clifton Abattoir becomes a museum in 2067

SUBTOPIC: Cultural Shifts and Events
– Rise of veganism in 2017
– JME inspires Troye King Jones
– Maude Polikoff leaves erotic dancing
– UN urges meat reduction due to climate change
– Super Swine Flu outbreak in 2021

SUBTOPIC: Resolution and Conclusion
– Freddy Jayashankar introduces plant-based cuisine in 2023
– Bill of Animal Rights passed in 2035
– Recovery centers for animal industry victims
– Major food companies turn vegan
– Criminalizing carnism leads to a more ethical society

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