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Clarence Bass

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Clarence Bass Biography:
– Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1937
– Parents were in the health field
– Won New Mexico State Championship in pentathlon
– Began Olympic lifting in high school
– Earned undergraduate degree in psychology and attended law school
– Started as a lawyer in Albuquerque
– Retired from law in 1994 for health and fitness
– Won bodybuilding competitions and awards
– Published several books on fitness and health
– Formed Ripped Enterprises with his wife Carol

Clarence Bass Works:
– ‘Ripped: The Sensible Way to Achieve Ultimate Muscularity’ (1980)
– ‘Ripped 2’ (1982)
– ‘The Lean Advantage’ (1984)
– ‘Ripped 3: The Recipes, The Routines and The Reasons’ (1986)
– ‘Lean For Life: Stay Motivated and Lean Forever’ (1992)
– ‘Ripped, The DVD’ (2002)
– ‘The Second Ripped DVD’ (2003)
– ‘The Third Ripped DVD’ (2003)

Clarence Bass Awards and Recognition:
– Won awards in bodybuilding
– Honored with the Vic Boff Award for lifetime achievement
– Photos displayed at the Lutcher Stark Center
– Celebrated for lifetime achievements in exercise physiology
– Recognized by the Alumni Association of UNM and other publications

Notable Figures in Fitness:
– Joe Greenstein
– John Grimek
– Milo Hastings
– Roy Hilligenn
– Bob Hoffman
– George F. Jowett
– Annette Kellerman
– Siegmund Klein
– Jack LaLanne
W. R. C. Latson

Health Experts and Celebrity Endorsements:
– B. C. Ghosh
– Ambika Charan Guha
– Jatindra Charan Guho
– Guru Hanuman
– K. V. Iyer
David L. Katz
Michael Klaper
Susan M. Levin
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert O. Young

Clarence Bass (Wikipedia)

Clarence Bass (born 1937 in New Mexico) is an American writer, fitness expert, and retired lawyer. He is best known for his book and DVD series Ripped, which chronicle his fitness, including becoming a past-40 bodybuilding champion. Bass was a writer for Muscle & Fitness where he had a question and answer column. He has continued to write, documenting his fitness over a span of approximately 60 years in various books that he has released since 1980. He is featured in the books Second Wind and Legends of the Iron Game. In the June 2017 issue of Men's Health, Bass was named "one of America’s greatest fitness visionaries." He is an advocate of plant-based nutrition.

Clarence Bass
Born1937 (age 86–87)
EducationJuris Doctor
Alma materUniversity of New Mexico School of Law
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