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Corylus heterophylla – Wikipedia

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– The nut is edible
– Very similar to common hazel nut
– Cultivated commercially in China

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Flora of China: Corylus heterophylla
Bean, W. J. (1976)
– Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles, 8th ed., vol. 1
– John Murray ISBN0-7195-1790-7

– Deciduous shrub or small tree
– Grows up to 7m (23ft) tall
– Stems up to 20cm (8in) thick grey bark
– Leaves rounded, 4–13cm (1+12–5in) long
– Flowers wind-pollinated catkins

– Native to eastern Asia
– Found in northern and central China, Korea, Japan, and southeastern Siberia
– Very similar to common hazel of Europe and western Asia
– Leaves somewhat more lobed than common hazel
Fruit is a nut produced in clusters of 2–6 together

Physical Description:
– Leaves are 4–13cm (1+12–5in) long and 2.5–10cm (1–4in) broad
– Coarsely double-serrated to somewhat lobed margin
– Often truncated apex
– Male catkins are pale yellow, 4cm (1+12in) long
– Female catkins are bright red and only 1–3mm (116–18in) long

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