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Daniel H. Kress

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– **Career**:
– Born on June 27, 1862, in St. Jacobs, Ontario
– Obtained M.D. degrees with his wife in 1894 from the University of Michigan Medical School
– Specialized in internal medicine at Battle Creek and was a medical director at various sanitariums
– Served as physician-in-chief at Sydney Sanitarium and medical director at Washington Sanitarium
– Retired in 1949 after working as a neurologist at the Florida Sanitarium and Hospital

– **Anti-smoking Activism**:
– Vice-president of the Anti-Cigarette League
– Founded a smoking-cure clinic with Lucy Page Gaston in 1913
– Patented a mouthwash to cure cigarette cravings
– Advocated against smoking as a cause of cancer and harm to the community
– Active involvement in anti-smoking campaigns

– **Vegetarianism**:
– Initially a vegan who later added dairy and eggs to his diet
– Advocated for a plant-based diet, condemning alcohol and meat consumption
– Recovered from pernicious anemia by following dietary advice
– Authored the “Good Health Cookery Book” with meatless recipes
– Promoted a Biblical diet of fruits, grains, nuts, and seeds for longevity

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– **References**:
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Daniel H. Kress (Wikipedia)

Daniel Hartman Kress (June 27, 1862 – November 2, 1956) was a Canadian physician, anti-smoking activist, Seventh-day Adventist missionary and vegetarian.

Daniel Hartman Kress
BornJune 27, 1862
DiedNovember 2, 1956
SpouseLauretta E. Kress
ChildrenOra Kress Mason
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