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David Nibert

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– Work:
– Nibert connects animal rights theory with economic and sociological theories.
Speciesism is an ideology defending discrimination against sentient beings based on species.
– Nibert promotes veganism and abolitionism.
– Nibert offers an Animals and Society course at Wittenberg University.
– The course examines human treatment of animals and its societal impact.

– Publications:
– Books:
– “Animal Oppression and Capitalism” by Nibert.
– “Animal Oppression and Human Violence” by Nibert.
– “Origins and Consequences of the Animal Industrial Complex” edited by Nibert.
– “Animal Rights/Human Rights” by Nibert.
– “Hitting the Lottery Jackpot” by Nibert.
– Selected articles:
– “Consuming the Surplus: Expanding Meat Consumption and Animal Oppression.”
– “Humans and other animals: sociology’s moral and intellectual challenge.”

– See also:
– Animal–industrial complex.
– Critical animal studies.
– List of animal rights advocates.
List of vegans.

– References:
David Nibert, Ph.D. at Wittenberg University.
– Section on Animals and Society at American Sociological Association.
– Recipients of 2005 Section Awards at American Sociological Association.
– Animals and Society Course Description at Wittenberg University.
– Review of “Animal Oppression & Human Violence” by Gillespie.

– Notable Figures:
Carol J. Adams.
– Aysha Akhtar.
Steven Best.
– Marc Bekoff.
– Steven M. Wise.

David Nibert (Wikipedia)

David Alan Nibert (born 1953) is an American sociologist, author, activist and professor of sociology at Wittenberg University. He is the co-organizer of the Section on Animals and Society of the American Sociological Association. In 2005, he received their Award for Distinguished Scholarship.

David Nibert
Born1953 (age 70–71)
EraContemporary philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
InstitutionsWittenberg University
Main interests
Sociology, animal rights theory
Notable ideas
Animal rights advocacy
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