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Desmodium uncinatum – Wikipedia

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Subtopic 1: Synonyms
– Desmodium hjalmarsonii (Schindl.) Standl.
– Desmodium pilosiusculum DC.
– Desmodium sandwicense E.Mey.
– Desmodium sinclairii Benth.
– Desmodium uncinatum var. gracile Burkart

Subtopic 2: Distribution
– Native to Latin America
– Introduced as fodder to Africa, India, New Guinea, Australia, and Hawaii
– Considered invasive in Australia and Hawaii
– Used for pasture, deferred feed, cut-and-carry, hay, ground cover, and mulch
– Utilized in push-pull technology for pest management

Subtopic 3: Uses
– Primarily used as fodder
– Can be utilized for pasture, deferred feed, cut-and-carry, hay, ground cover, and mulch
– Grown as an intercrop for pest management in push-pull technology
– Helps control stem-boring insects and fall armyworms
– Commonly intercropped with D. intortum in push-pull technology

Subtopic 4: References
– Plants of the World Online by the Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
– Feedipedia – Animal Feed Resources Information System by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ, and FAO
– Research articles on push-pull farming systems
– Exploiting phytochemicals for developing crop protection strategies
– Faboideae-related article stub on Wikipedia

Subtopic 5: Botanical Information
– Scientific name: Desmodium uncinatum (Jacq.) DC.
– Common name: Silverleaf desmodium
– Family: Fabaceae
– Other synonyms: Hedysarum adhaerens, Hedysarum mexicanum, Meibomia hjalmarsonii, Meibomia limensis var. pilosiuscula, Meibomia pilosiuscula, Meibomia sinclairii, Meibomia uncinata
– Taxonomic details and classification

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