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Dutch Association for Veganism

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– **History:**
– Founded on 8 September 1978 in Arnhem as the Veganistenkring (Vegan Circle).
– Name changed to Vereniging Veganisten Organisatie (Association Vegans Organisation) shortly after.
– Adopted present name in 1987.
– Stated purpose is promoting a lifestyle free from animal exploitation.
– Membership tripled from almost 650 to 1891 in the period 2012–2015.

– **Activities:**
– Publishes Vegan Magazine available for non-members.
– Holds VeganChallenge twice a year, an online program for a vegan diet trial.
– Campaign “Melk, je kan zonder!” (Milk, you can do without!) was an initiative.
– Manages online platform Vegan Wiki for veganism info.
– Awards Vegan Friendly logo to companies supporting vegan concerns.

– **See also:**
List of vegetarian organizations.

– **References:**
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– **Partners:**
– Main partner for Dutch companies seeking The Vegan Society’s Vegan label.
– NVV is a sponsor of VegFest, an annual veganism fair.
– VegFest was first held in November 2014 in the Martin Luther Church in Amsterdam.
– Subsequent VegFests took place in November 2015 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and in December 2016.
– NVV members pay half the entry fee for VegFest.

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