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Eduard Baltzer

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– Biography:
– Born Wilhelm Eduard Baltzer on October 24, 1814, in Hohenleina, Province of Saxony, Prussia.
– Educated at the Universities of Leipzig and Halle, focusing on theology.
– Founded the German Natural Living Society, a vegetarian society, and was a supporter of the Revolution of 1848 in Germany.
– Elected to the Frankfurt preliminary parliament and later to the Prussian National Assembly.
– Retired in Grötzingen, promoting vegetarianism until his death in 1887.

– Writings:
– Authored works like “The Life of Jesus” and “A Booklet on the Prussian Constitution.”
– Published a vegetarian cookbook in its 14th edition by 1900.
– Writings cover topics ranging from religion to ethics and vegetarianism.
– Notable works include “History of Religion” and “God, the World, and Humanity.”
– Contributed to promoting vegetarianism through his various publications.

– Notes:
– References note Baltzer’s contributions to science popularization in the 19th century.
– Mentioned in publications like “The Ethics of Diet” and “The American Cyclopædia.”
– Noted for his role in early vegetarian movements and science popularization.
– His impact on promoting vegetarianism and ethical living is recognized in various sources.
– His work is acknowledged in different encyclopedias and academic publications.

– References:
– Andreas W. Daum’s work on science popularization in the 19th century provides insight into Baltzer’s influence.
– Publications like “Viva! Health” and “Shelleys Vegetarianism” acknowledge Baltzer’s contributions.
– Various authors and researchers have referenced Baltzer’s work on vegetarianism and ethical living.
– His influence on vegetarianism and ethical living is documented in historical accounts.
– Academic sources recognize Baltzer’s efforts in promoting vegetarianism and ethical lifestyles.

Eduard Baltzer (Wikipedia)

Wilhelm Eduard Baltzer (24 October 1814 – 24 June 1887) was the founder of the first German vegetarian society, the German Natural Living Society (German: Deutscher Verein für natürliche Lebensweise), a supporter of the Revolution of 1848 in Germany and an early popularizer of science.

Eduard Baltzer
Wilhelm Eduard Baltzer

24 October 1814
Died24 June 1887(1887-06-24) (aged 72)
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