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Edward Hare

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– Biography:
– Born in Stanhoe
– Educated at Kings College London and Middlesex Hospital
– Obtained M.R.C.S in 1837 and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1938
– Commissioned as Assistant Surgeon in Bengal in 1839
– Served during the First Anglo-Afghan War and Second Anglo-Burmese War

– Experimented with quinine for malaria treatment
– Published findings in 1847 pamphlet
– Reduced fever death-rate to one-twelfth in Calcutta
– Treated 7,000 soldiers with quinine, mortality rate less than 0.5%
– Hares system widely adopted in India

– Hare was a vegetarian, not a vegan
– Vice-President of the Vegetarian Society
– Diet included two daily meals of bread, tea, vegetables, puddings, and fruit
– Authored a biography of vegetarian physician William Lambe
– Supported vegetarianism through his writings

– Selected publications:
– “Hints for an Improved Treatment of Remittent Fever and Dysentery” (1847)
– “Malarious Fever” (1864)
– “The Life of Dr. William Lamb: The Vegetarian” (1872)
– “The Dietetic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger” (1872)
– “Memoirs of Edward Hare, C.S.I., Late Inspector-General of Hospitals, Bengal” (1900)

– References:
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Edward Hare (Wikipedia)

Edward Hare (27 December 1812 – 13 February 1897) was a British surgeon and former Director-General of Hospitals in Bengal, India. Hare is best known for his medical work in using quinine for treatment of malaria fevers. He was also a vegetarianism activist.

Edward Hare
Born27 December 1812
Stanhoe, Norfolk, England
Died13 February 1897 (1897-02-14) (aged 84)
Occupation(s)Surgeon, writer
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