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Ernest Bell (activist)

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– Born in Hampstead to publisher George Bell
– Educated at St Pauls School, London and Trinity College, Cambridge
– Joined RSPCA in 1873 and became vegetarian in 1874
– Learned German in Dresden
– Worked for George Bell & Sons, promoted vegetarianism, humanitarianism, and animal welfare

Contributions to Organizations:
– Donated income to various societies
– Established the Ernest Bell Library for his writings
– Library currently managed by The Humanitarian League
– Library contains over 1,500 books, journals, magazines, and newspapers

Selected Publications:
– “The Animals Friend” (1904)
– “Christmas Cruelties” (1907)
– “The Inner Life of Animals” (editor, 1913)
– “Stray Thoughts About Vegetarians” (1910)
– “Why Do Animals Exist?” (1910)

Further Reading:
– “Fifty Years of Food Reform: A History of the Vegetarian Movement in England” by Charles W. Forward
– Various authors and publications related to vegetarianism, animal welfare, and activism

– Bell founded the League Against Cruel Sports in 1924
– Honorary Secretary of the Hampstead Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
– Chairman of the Committee of the Anti-Vivisection Society
– Involved with various animal welfare organizations
– Received a lifetime award from 22 animal societies in 1929

Ernest Bell (8 March 1851 – 14 September 1933) was an English author, publisher and activist for animal rights and welfare, humanitarianism and vegetarianism.

Ernest Bell
Born8 March 1851
Hampstead, London, England
Died14 September 1933 (1933-09-15) (aged 82)
Hendon, London, England
EducationTrinity College, Cambridge (BA, 1873; MA, 1876)
Occupation(s)Activist, publisher, writer
Elize Wilhelmina Wolfel
(died 1881)
Marie Anna von Taysen
(m. 1893)
AwardsLifetime award for his work for animal causes
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