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Fit for Life – Wikipedia

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– Description of the Diet:
– Based on Herbert M. Shelton’s food combining theories
– Aims for weight loss without calorie counting
– Categorizes foods into dead (clogging) and living (cleansing)
– Emphasizes raw fruits and vegetables
– Recommends avoiding combining carbohydrates and proteins

– Publications and Marketing:
– Gained popularity in the mid-1980s
– “Fit for Life” was a best-selling book
– Authored by Harvey Diamond
– Sold over 12 million copies
– Diamond promoted the diet on numerous TV talk shows

– Credentials:
– Harvey Diamond’s credentials questioned
– Doctoral degree from a non-accredited correspondence school
– Criticism of competence to write about nutrition
– Personalized diet program criticized for alternative medicine claims
– Some claims in the Clinical Manual not scientifically accepted

– Clinical Trials:
– Fit for Life website mentions clinical trials
– Many principles lack scholarly research support
– Some claims contradicted by scientific research
– Dissociated diet effectiveness for weight loss questioned
– Benefits of the diet not well-supported by citations

– See Also:
– Raw veganism
– Dr. Hay diet
– Alkaline diet
– List of diets

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