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Frank Wokes

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– Born in 1892
– Qualified from London School of Pharmacy in 1914
– Obtained a London doctorate in 1938 for research into hormones and vitamins
– Director of research at Ovaltine Research Laboratory (1941–1959)
– Established Vegetarian Nutritional Research Centre in 1959

Vegetarian Nutritional Research:
– Collaborated with Vegetarian Society on benefits of vegetarian diets
– Conducted experiments on plant alternatives to cow’s milk
– Co-founded journal “Plant Foods for Human Nutrition” in 1968
– Authored over 100 scientific papers on nutrition
– Consulted by wartime Minister of Food and authored book “Food: The Deciding Factor”

Vitamin B12 Research:
– Described Vitamin B12 deficiency in vegans at 1954 International Congress of Nutrition
– Studied health of vegans in India for B12 deficiency
– Found lower B12 levels in vegans compared to vegetarians and meat-eaters
– Suggested fortified foods as efficient source of B12 for vegans
– Published research on Vitamin B12 in various scientific journals

Legacy and Contributions:
– Contributed to understanding of vegetarian nutrition
– Advocated for fortified foods for B12 intake by vegans
– Established Vegetarian Nutritional Research Centre
– Co-founded journal on plant foods and human nutrition
– Influenced dietary choices through research and publications

Recognition and Affiliations:
– Member of Royal Society of Medicine, Royal Institute of Chemistry, and British Pharmacological Society
– Collaborated with Vegetarian Society and other organizations
– Received recognition for contributions to vegetarian nutrition
– Established international journal on plant foods and nutrition
– Consulted by government officials and research institutes in India

Frank Wokes (Wikipedia)

Frank Wokes (1892 – April 1974) was an English biochemist, nutritionist and vegetarianism activist known for his research on the nutritional aspects of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B12 deficiency. He was an early advocate of food fortification.

Frank Wokes
Born1892 (1892)
West Derby, England
Died1974 (aged 81–82)
Dacorum, England
Alma mater
Occupation(s)Biochemist, nutritionist
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