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Gaz Oakley

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– Grew up in Cardiff
– Started cooking at a young age
– Left school at 16 for a full-time kitchen job
– Transitioned to working in a builders yard
– Launched @avantgardevegan Instagram page in 2016

– “Vegan 100” published in 2018
– “Vegan Christmas” published in 2018
– “Plants Only Kitchen” published in 2020

– Featured in The Daily Telegraph in 2018
– Story archived on
– Profiled in The Sunday Times in 2020
– Listed as a creative chef by VegNews in 2023
– “Vegan 100” named a top cookbook by VegNews in 2024

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– Feature on chef Gaz Oakley in Vegan Food & Living

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– “What is Vegetarianism?” by Viva! Health
– Various works on vegetarianism and veganism by multiple authors

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– Includes a list of chefs and cookbook authors

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– Additional references and resources not directly related to Gaz Oakley

Gaz Oakley (Wikipedia)

Gaz Oakley, formerly known as the Avant-Garde Vegan, is a chef and cookbook author from Cardiff, Wales known for vegan food. He was described in the Daily Telegraph as "a star of the meat-free world", whose "recipes have gained the respect of herbivores and carnivores alike".

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