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Henry B. Guppy

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– Born in Falmouth, England to Dr. Thomas Stokes Guppy and Charlott Ann Brougham
– Educated at Sherborne and studied Medicine at Queens College in Birmingham and Edinburgh University
– Worked as a surgeon in the Royal Navy from 1876 to 1885
– Served on HMS Hornet and HMS Lark in the South China Seas and Solomon Islands
– Conducted geological and botanical research in the Pacific, Java, Hawaii, and Fiji

– Married Mary Annie Jordan in 1887 and Letitia Warde in 1900
– No further details provided

– Commemorated in the scientific names of a gecko and a snake
– No further details provided

Botanical Reference:
– Standard author abbreviation H.B. Guppy used in citing botanical names
– No further details provided

– Published works include books on the Solomon Islands, family names in Great Britain, and observations in the Pacific
– Notable works: “The Solomon Islands and Their Natives” and “Observations of a Naturalist in the Pacific between 1896 and 1899”

Henry B. Guppy (Wikipedia)

Henry Brougham Guppy FRS FRSE FLS (23 December 1854 – 23 April 1926) was a British surgeon, geologist, botanist and photographer. He was awarded the Linnean Medal in 1917.

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