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SUBTOPIC: References
Illipe Nuts, Innvista
– Belitz, H. -D; Grosch, Werner; Schieberle, Peter (2004-04-22)
– Food Chemistry. ISBN9783540408178
– Retrieved from
– Categories: Food ingredient stubs, Cooking oils

Illipe is a food ingredient stub
– It is a stub article on Wikipedia
– It is categorized under cooking oils
Illipe can be expanded on Wikipedia
– The article is a stub on food ingredients

SUBTOPIC: Categories
Illipe falls under food ingredient stubs
– It is also categorized under cooking oils
– The hidden category includes all stub articles
– Categories help in organizing information
Illipe is part of the food ingredients category

SUBTOPIC: Food Chemistry
– Belitz, Grosch, and Schieberle authored a book on food chemistry
– The ISBN for the book is 9783540408178
– The book provides insights into food components
– Food Chemistry is a valuable resource for understanding food
– The authors are experts in food science

SUBTOPIC: Expansion
Illipe article on Wikipedia needs expansion
– Contributors can help in expanding Illipe details
– Expansion can enhance knowledge about Illipe
– Wikipedia encourages users to contribute to stub articles
– Adding content can benefit readers and researchers

Illipe (Wikipedia)

Illipe butter is a vegetable fat from the nut (known as the "false illipe nut") of the Shorea stenoptera tree, sometimes used as a butter substitute. Borneo tallow nut oil is extracted from this species. The word Illipe is derived from the Tamil word for the tree Iluppai (இலுப்பை). The true illipe nut is from the species Madhuca latifolia; it is used for producing biodiesel, and Mowrah Butter is from Madhuca longifolia, Family Sapotaceae.

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