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Jon Wynne-Tyson

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– Life and Writings:
Jon Wynne-Tyson born in Hampshire, England on 6 July 1924.
– Mother Esmé Wynne-Tyson, a former child actress and writer.
– Father Linden Charles Tyson, an officer in the Royal Air Force.
– Attended Brighton College but left at age 15 due to financial constraints.
– Registered as a conscientious objector during World War II.

– Centaur Press:
– Founded in 1954, operated independently until 1998.
– Published diverse works including Centaur Classics series.
– Expanded into humane education through Kinship Library imprint.
– Published fiction, classical literature, philosophy, and poetry.
– Sold to another small publisher in 1998.

– Authored “Food for a Future: The Complete Case For Vegetarianism”.
– Book argues for vegetarianism based on anatomy, physiology, and ecology.
– Received mixed reviews on the ecological soundness of vegetarianism.
– Supported veganism in his book but remained a vegetarian personally.
– Published various works on vegetarianism and animal rights.

– References:
– Various sources cite Jon Wynne-Tyson’s contributions and works.
– Received the Animal Rights Writing Award in 1985.
– Became a patron of Quaker Concern for Animals in 2016.
– Wynne-Tyson’s writings influenced the vegetarian and animal rights movements.
– Notable figures like Peter Singer endorsed Wynne-Tyson’s work.

– Legacy:
– Died on 26 March 2020 at the age of 95.
– Founded Centaur Press in 1954, a notable independent publishing company.
– Published works on vegetarianism, animal rights, and humane education.
– Received recognition for his contributions to animal rights writing.
– Remembered for his impact on the publishing industry and advocacy for ethical practices.

Jon Wynne-Tyson (Wikipedia)

Jon Linden Wynne-Tyson (6 July 1924 – 26 March 2020) was an English author, publisher, Quaker, activist and pacifist, who founded Centaur Press in 1954. He ran Centaur Press from his home in Sussex and was a distinguished independent publisher. He authored books on animal rights and vegetarianism. At one time Wynne-Tyson held the title of "King of Redonda", a literary title referencing a small island.

Jon Wynne-Tyson
Born(1924-07-06)6 July 1924
Hampshire, England
Died26 March 2020(2020-03-26) (aged 95)
West Sussex, England
EducationBrighton College
  • Activist
  • publisher
  • writer
Joan Stanton
(m. 1950, divorced)
Jennifer Tyson
(m. 1956)
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