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Julieanna Hever

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– Received a bachelors degree from University of California, Los Angeles
– Earned a Masters of Science in nutrition from California State University, Northridge
– Completed a Dietetic Internship at California State University, Northridge
– Worked as a clinical dietitian at Century City Doctors Hospital
– Serves as a consultant to Forks Over Knives and a nutrition columnist for VegNews magazine

Career Achievements:
– Authored the book “The Vegiterranian Diet” in 2014
– Advocates for a whole food plant-based approach to the Mediterranean diet
– Published “The Choose You Now Diet” in 2021 with 75 plant-based recipes
– Holds a council member position at True Health Initiative

Personal Life:
– Practices ethical veganism
– Developed an interest in plant-based dieting after reading John Robbins’ book “Diet for a New America”
– Engages in Q&A sessions and interviews about plant-based dietetics
– Sources of information include,, and
– Values and promotes a plant-based lifestyle through various platforms

– Inspired by personalities like David L. Katz, Michael Klaper, and Susan M. Levin
– Acknowledges the impact of individuals such as Robert Downey Jr. and Robert O. Young on her work
– Draws motivation from renowned figures in the health and wellness industry

– Authored “The Vegiterranian Diet” with a focus on enhancing the Mediterranean diet
– Released “The Choose You Now Diet” in 2021 featuring plant-based recipes
– Contributions to various platforms such as,, and

– Acknowledged for her work as a plant-based dietitian and author
– Involved in interviews and features discussing plant-based nutrition
– Recognized by organizations and publications for her contributions to the field

Julieanna Hever (Wikipedia)

Julieanna Hever (known as the Plant-Based Dietician) is an American registered dietitian and advocate of plant-based nutrition.

Julieanna Hever
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