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Kathleen Keen Zolber

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– Born Esther Kathleen Keen in Walla Walla, Washington
– Obtained BA in foods and nutrition from Walla Walla College in 1941
– Obtained masters degree from Washington State University in 1961
– Joined Loma Linda University faculty
– Received PhD from University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1968

– Chairperson for Loma Linda Universitys First International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition in 1987
– One of seven reviewers for the 1988 position of the American Dietetic Association on vegetarian diets

Selected publications:
– “Producing Meals Without Meat” (1975)
– “Diet Manual: Utilizing a Vegetarian Diet Plan” (1978)
– “The Vegetarian Diet: Food For Us All” (1981)
– “Work Function Analysis of Vegetarian Entrée Production” (1986)

– Matthews, M. Eilee (1982). Kathleen Keen Zolber, Ph.D., R.D., President, 1982-83, The American Dietetic Association
– Litzenberg, Kathleen. (1996). Whos Who of American Women, 1997-1998
– Connell, Bert; Hodgkin, Georgia; Dougherty, Darlene A. (1999). Kathleen Keen Zolber–1916-1999

Other publications:
– “Viva! Health” (1886)
– “Shelleys Vegetarianism” (1891)
– “Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses” (1892)
– “Why I Am a Vegetarian” (1895)
– “Figs or Pigs?”

Esther Kathleen Keen Zolber (December 9, 1916 – January 29, 1999) was an American registered dietitian, Seventh-day Adventist and vegetarianism activist. She was president of the American Dietetic Association 1982–1983.

Kathleen Keen Zolber
Born9 December 1916
Died29 January 1999
Loma Linda, California
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