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Ken Albala

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– Awards:
– The Distinguished Faculty Award from the University of the Pacific in 2023 and the Tully Knoles Endowed Professorship in 2022
– Three World Cuisines: Italian, Mexican, Chinese won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for Best Foreign Cuisine Book in the World 2013
– Beans won the 2008 International Association of Culinary Professionals Jane Grigson Award and the Cordon d’Or in Food History/Literature

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Ken Albala (Wikipedia)

Ken Albala is an American food historian, chef, author, and a professor of history at University of the Pacific. He has authored or edited 27 books on food and co-authored "The Lost Art of Real Cooking" and "The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home."

Ken Albala
Ken Albala in 2015
Born (1964-11-03) November 3, 1964 (age 59)
Other namesKenneth Albala
EducationPhD, Columbia University, 1993

MA, Yale University, 1987

BA, George Washington University, 1986
Occupation(s)Professor, author, blogger
Years active1990–present

Albala co-edited the journal "Food, Culture and Society" and has made numerous appearances in various forms of media. and at conferences discussing food issues He is featured on the DVDs: "Food: A Cultural Culinary History" and "Cooking Across the Ages." Albala is also known for his "Food Cultures Around the World" series for Greenwood Press and Rowman and Littlefield Studies in Food and Gastronomy.

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