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Lenna F. Cooper

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– Co-founded American Dietetic Association in 1917
– First vice president and 14th President
– First president of Michigan Dietetic Association
– First Supervising Dietitian for the U.S. Army (1918-1919)
– Created Department of Dietetics at National Institutes of Health

– “The New Cookery” (Good Health Publishing, 1913)
– “How to Cut Food Costs” (1917)
– “Nutrition in Health and Disease” (1947)

– Barber, M. I. (1961) – Lenna Frances Cooper
– Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Vegetarian Nutrition
– Lenna Frances Cooper Memorial Lecture Award
– Michigan Women Forward
– Extensively Annotated Bibliography and Sourcebook on Seventh-Day Adventist Work

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– Biography of Lenna Frances Cooper (1875-1961)
– List of notable individuals in the field of dietetics
– Various publications on vegetarianism and nutrition

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Lenna F. Cooper (Wikipedia)

Lenna Frances Cooper (25 February 1875 – 23 February 1961) was an American dietitian and co-founder of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has been called “a pioneer in vegetarian nutrition and dietetics.”

Lenna F. Cooper
Born25 February 1875
Died23 February 1961
Occupation(s)Dietitian, writer
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