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List of Chinese administrative divisions by life expectancy

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Life Expectancy in Chinese Administrative Divisions:

– Hong Kong: 85.49
– Macau: 85.40
– Shanghai: 83.43
– Beijing: 83.34
– Tianjin: 82.00

Development of Life Expectancy in China:

– Estimation by World Bank Group
– Gender gap in life expectancy
– Comparison to other country leaders
– Estimation by Our World in Data
– Comparison to USA and Russia

Comparison of Life Expectancy in China:

– Other big countries worldwide
– Other big countries in Asia
– Healthy life expectancy comparison globally
– Gender-specific life expectancy
– Rank and life expectancy by administrative division


Life expectancy data from Global Data Lab
– World Bank data on life expectancy in Hong Kong and Macau
– Wikimedia Commons resources on life expectancy in China
List of Asian countries by life expectancy
– Subnational HDI data for life expectancy

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