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List of countries by life expectancy

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**Life Expectancy Data:**
– Countries listed in ranges starting from 82.5 years.
– Data includes male, female, and combined average life expectancies.
– Reflects healthcare quality and factors like HIV infections.
– Some countries estimate Healthy Life Expectancy (HALE).
– Disparities in data reporting and collection standards affect comparisons.

**Challenges in Data Comparison:**
– Discrepancies in reporting standards across countries affect accuracy.
– Healthy Life Expectancy criteria vary within countries over time.
– Disparities impact quality of life metrics within countries.
– Global comparisons require accounting for these discrepancies.

**World Bank Group Report 2021:**
– Report estimates life expectancies for countries with populations over 50,000.
– Rounded values may lead to minor inconsistencies.
– Provides detailed data for various countries.
– Valuable for understanding global life expectancy trends.

**Top Countries by Life Expectancy:**
– Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Faroe Islands have high life expectancies.
– Singapore, Australia, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Iceland have above 83 years.
– Malta, Italy, Luxembourg feature in top countries by life expectancy.

**Variability in Life Expectancy:**
– Greece has 80.18 years with disparities.
– Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands (US), Maldives, French Polynesia below 80 years.
– Bermuda shows notable differences in life expectancy within its population.
– Variability highlights factors influencing longevity.

This list of countries by life expectancy provides a comprehensive list of countries alongside their respective life expectancy figures. The data is differentiated by sex, presenting life expectancies for males, females, and a combined average. In addition to sovereign nations, the list encompasses several non-sovereign entities and territories. The figures serve as an indicator of the quality of healthcare in the respective countries and are influenced by various factors, including the prevalence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS. This article introduces the concept of Healthy life expectancy (HALE), which denotes the average number of years a person is expected to live in "full health". There are challenges in comparing life expectancies across countries due to disparities in data reporting and collection standards. The primary source of the most recent data presented is the World Bank Group's 2021 report.

Map of the life expectancy at birth in 2019 in the world (2020 report)
  ≥ 82.5
  80.0 – 82.4
  77.5 – 79.9
  75.0 – 77.4
  72.5 – 74.9
  70.0 – 72.4
  67.5 – 69.9
  65.0 – 67.4
  62.5 – 64.9
  60.0 – 62.4
  55.0 – 59.9
  < 55.0
  No data
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