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List of countries by plum production

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– Top 5 Plum Producing Countries:
– China: 6,100,000 tons
– Serbia: 570,000 tons
– Romania: 460,000 tons
– Turkey: 385,000 tons
– United States: 370,000 tons

Plum Production Trends:
– China dominates global production
– Serbia and Romania follow with significant outputs
– Turkey and the United States also have notable production levels
– Overall, a few countries contribute significantly to global plum production
– Production levels can vary due to weather conditions and market demands

Plum Exporting Countries:
– Chile: Major exporter of plums
– Spain: Significant plum exporter
– Italy: Exporter of various plum varieties
– France: Known for its plum exports
South Africa: Emerging as a plum exporter

Plum Consumption Patterns:
– China: High domestic consumption due to large production
– United States: Significant consumer of plums
– European countries: Traditionally high plum consumption
– Middle Eastern countries: Growing interest in plums
– Increasing global awareness about health benefits of plums

– Challenges in Plum Production:
– Weather fluctuations affect plum harvests
– Pests and diseases can damage plum crops
– Market competition from other fruits impacts plum industry
– Maintaining quality standards is crucial for export markets
– Sustainable farming practices are essential for long-term plum production

This is a list of countries by plum and sloe production from 2016-2022, based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database. The estimated total world production of plum and sloe in 2022 was 12,391,467 metric tonnes, up 1% from 12,209,265 tonnes in 2021. China was by far the largest producer, accounting for just over 54% of global production.

Countries by plum and sloe production in 2016
A map of world plum and sloe production, 2005
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