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List of individual trees

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**Historical Trees**:
Tree of Ténéré in Sahara desert, Niger, destroyed in 1973
– Panke Baobab in Zimbabwe, fell in 2011
– Chapmans Baobab in Botswana, fell in 2016
– The Cotton Tree in Freetown, Sierra Leone, fell in 2023
– Dry tree in Northern Persia, marked a battle between Alexander the Great and Darius
– The Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya, India, where Buddha obtained enlightenment
– Zuihuai in Jingshan park, Beijing, China, where the Chongzhen Emperor hanged himself
– Changi Tree in Singapore, a historical landmark
– Cypress of Kashmar in Persia, sprung from a branch brought by Zoroaster
– The Lone Pine in Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey

**Notable Trees in Asia**:
– Cypress of Abarkuh in Iran, 4,500 years old
– Thimmamma Marrimanu in Andhra Pradesh, India, 800 years old
– Osmania Lifesaver in Hyderabad, India, over 300 years old
– Wonder Balete in Canlaon, Philippines, over 1,300 years old
– Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi in Sri Lanka, planted in 288 BC

**African Trees**:
– Wonderboom tree in Pretoria, South Africa
– El Drago Milenario in Icod de los Vinos, Tenerife
– Sunland Baobab in Limpopo Province, South Africa
– Sagole Baobab in Limpopo Province, South Africa
– Glencoe Baobab in Hoedspruit, South Africa

**Post Office Trees**:
– Ombalantu baobab tree in Outapi, Namibia
– Post Office Tree in Mosselbay, South Africa
– Treaty Tree in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa
– Big Tree in Chirinda Forest, Zimbabwe
– Sahabi Tree in Safawi, Jordan

**Notable Trees in Europe**:
– Defynnog Yew in Wales, approximately 2,500 years old
– Bicycle Tree in Scotland with a bicycle embedded in it, around 110-150 years old
– Brimmon Oak in Wales, about 500 years old
– Lime in Leliceni in Romania, around 500 years old
– Old Tjikko, Norway spruce in Sweden, 9,565 years old, the oldest known clonal tree

The following is a list of individual trees. Trees listed here are regarded as important or specific by their historical, national, locational, natural or mythological context. The list includes actual trees located throughout the world, as well as trees from myths and religions.

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