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List of vegetables

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Leafy and Salad Vegetables:
– Garden Cress
– Iceberg Lettuce
– Varieties of Soybeans
– Garlic
– Kohlrabi

Root and Tuberous Vegetables:
– Carrots
– Potato
– Caulerpa (edible seaweed)
– Taculao (indigenous vegetable)
– Daylilies

Fruit Vegetables:
Bell Pepper

Podded Vegetables:
– Green Beans
– Peas
– Edamame
– Okra
Snow Peas

Stem Vegetables:
– Asparagus
– Celery
Bamboo Shoots
– Kohlrabi

List of vegetables (Wikipedia)

This is a list of plants that have a culinary role as vegetables. "Vegetable" can be used in several senses, including culinary, botanical and legal. This list includes botanical fruits such as pumpkins, and does not include herbs, spices, cereals and most culinary fruits and culinary nuts. Edible fungi are not included in this list.

Legal vegetables are defined for regulatory, tax and other purposes. An example would include the tomato, which is botanically a berry (fruit), but culinarily a vegetable according to the United States.

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