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List of vegetarian and vegan companies

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Food Companies:
– Amys Kitchen: Produces vegetarian organic food
– Morningstar Farms: Manufactures veggie burgers
– Somenoya: Factory in Shizuoka, Japan
– Tofurky: Made by Turtle Island Foods
– The EVERY Company: Produces vegan alternatives
– Alpro: Markets organic soy-based products
– Amul: Indias biggest vegetarian cheese brand
– Brave Robot: Makes vegan ice cream
– Oatly: Produces oat-based dairy substitutes
– Tofutti: American vegan cheese and ice cream company
– La Loma Foods: Vegetarian and vegan food manufacturer
Linda McCartney Foods: Specializes in vegetarian food
– Miyokos Creamery: Produces non-dairy products
– Perfect Day: Manufactures whey and casein via fermentation
Veganz: Worlds first vegan supermarket chain

Meat Substitutes:
– Beyond Meat: Offers pea protein-based products
– Gardein: Makes meat-free foods from soy and wheat
– Impossible Foods: Creates plant-based meat substitutes
Quorn: British meat substitute company
– Turtle Island Foods: Produces Tofurky and other meatless products

Cosmetics and Skincare Companies:
Beauty Without Cruelty: Manufactures vegan cosmetics
– Lush: Produces cosmetics using only vegetarian or vegan recipes
– Tropic Skincare: British natural skincare and cosmetics company
– Heart of the Mata: Featured the world’s first animal-free egg white
– The Guardian: Reported on Unilever’s involvement in vegan products

Industry Insights and News:
– Tofurky maker, Turtle Island Foods, planned a $10 million plant
– Atlantic Natural Foods: Revived the Loma Linda-Worthington brand
– Kellogg: Shifted focus to boost sales of Morningstar Farms
– The New York Times: Discussed the rise of fake meats
– Ripple Foods and Sabra Dipping Company: Notable players in the industry

Historical and Educational References:
– Soyinfo Center: Provides extensive history on soyfoods
– The Beatles Encyclopedia: Mentions soyfoods
– Worthington Foods and Loma Linda: Have a long history with soy
– Sanitarium Health Food Company: A significant player
Viva! Health: Promotes vegetarianism and veganism

This is a list of vegetarian and vegan companies that do not use animal products or animal-based products in their goods. Such companies include food manufacturers and cosmetics companies, among others.

Meat analogue products at a Veganz store in Berlin, Germany
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