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Live and Let Live (2013 film) – Wikipedia

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SUBTOPIC: Synopsis
– Documentary film explores human-animal relationship through 6 individuals transitioning to veganism
– Individuals include a butcher turned vegan chef, a factory farmer now running a farm sanctuary, a professional athlete changing diet, and Animal Equality activists
– Film delves into veganism’s history, ethical, environmental, and health motivations
– Interviews with vegan movement proponents provide insights into vegan lifestyle
– Focus on reasons behind people’s shift to veganism

SUBTOPIC: Accolades
– Screened at 19th Milano Film Festival, Tage des unabhängigen Films in Augsburg, and Utopianale Filmfestival in Hannover in 2014
– Official selection at Crossroads Film Festival
– Nominated for a Cosmic Angel at the Cosmic Cine Film Festival

SUBTOPIC: Appearances
– Notable appearances by Jonathan Balcombe, T. Colin Campbell, Melanie Joy, Will Potter, Peter Singer, Tom Regan, Gary Francione, George Rodger, and Jack Lindquist
– Documentary features experts in various fields such as ethology, nutritional biochemistry, sociology, psychology, law, and philosophy
– Includes professionals from The Vegan Society and a track cyclist
– Incorporates historical figures and authors related to vegetarianism and veganism
– Mentions chefs and cookbook authors who support veganism

– Film highlights the diverse backgrounds of individuals transitioning to veganism
– Raises awareness about the reasons and motivations behind choosing a vegan lifestyle
– Provides insights into the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of veganism
– Showcases the transformation of individuals from different professions to embrace veganism
– Aims to inspire and educate viewers about the vegan movement

SUBTOPIC: Reception
– Positive reception from audiences and critics for shedding light on veganism
– Recognition for the documentary’s exploration of human-animal relationships
– Appreciation for the film’s in-depth look at the history and motivations behind veganism
– Impactful storytelling that resonates with viewers from various backgrounds
– Encourages discussions on veganism, animal rights, and ethical consumption

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