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Livestock’s Long Shadow – Wikipedia

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Report Findings:
– The livestock sector is a significant contributor to serious environmental problems.
– Urgent action is required to address the environmental impacts of livestock.
– Livestock is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions.
– Estimates vary on the percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions from livestock.
– The FAO revised estimate of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions due to livestock to 14.5%.

Criticisms and Responses:
– Errors in the methodology of the Livestock’s Long Shadow report were pointed out.
– Criticism raised on underestimating transportation emissions in the report.
– Dr. Frank Mitloehner criticized the report’s approach to emissions calculation.
– Mitloehner’s study on livestock and climate change was funded by the industry.
– Mitloehner’s role in representing the International Feed Industry Federation.

References to the Report:
– The report was a key source for documentaries like ‘Meat The Truth’ and ‘Cowspiracy.’

Related Topics:
– Environmental issues with agriculture are closely linked to livestock production.
– Stock-free agriculture is an alternative approach to traditional livestock farming.
Veganism is a dietary choice that avoids animal products.

Notable Figures and Publications:
– Authors and Contributors: Henning Steinfeld, Pierre Gerber, T. Wassenaar, V. Castel, Mauricio Rosales.
– Publications referencing the Livestock’s Long Shadow report.
– Notable figures include Carol J. Adams, Suzanne M. Babich, Phyllis B. Acosta, William Alcott, Bertrand P. Allinson.
– Health advocates like Elmer Lee, Susan M. Levin, Elmer McCollum, Helen Nearing, Scott Nearing.
– Chefs and authors such as Nava Atlas, Mayim Bialik, Gypsy Boots, BOSH!, Kathleen Keen Zolber.

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