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Scott Nearing, an economist, homesteaded in Vermont with wife Helen after being blacklisted.
– Advocates vegetarianism; Scott became vegetarian in 1917, Helen was lifelong vegetarian.
– Sought alternative to western civilization and its culture pattern.
– Believed all life, human and non-human, should be respected.
– Emphasized self-sufficiency and sustainable living.

– Published book in 1954 after encouragement from Pearl S. Buck.
– Initially self-published under Social Science Institute.
– Republished by Schocken Books in the 1960s.
– Sold 50,000 copies in the first year.
– Translated into five languages; royalties given to their institute.

– Described as a modern-day “Walden” in 1995 by The New York Times.
– Considered a source of inspiration for those seeking a simpler life.

– Various references from books, newspapers, and magazines.
– Books and articles discussing the Nearings’ philosophy and impact.

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