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Longevity claims

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**1. Longevity Claims and Verification:**
– Prior to the 19th century, evidence for centenarian longevity was lacking.
– No fixed theoretical limit to human longevity is evident.
– Guinness World Records lists verified oldest people since 1955.
– Jeanne Calment and Jiroemon Kimura are verified oldest persons.
– Challenges in documenting longevity claims due to historical record limitations.
– Partial validation for cases lacking birth records.
– Proximate records help verify cases with incomplete data.

**2. Recent Supercentenarian Cases and Research:**
– Recent unvalidated claims of living supercentenarians.
– Studies on the biology of lifespan and human longevity.
– Researchers using unique methods to determine birth dates.
– Publications on exceptional lifespans and aging research.
– Focus on supercentenarians and their longevity.

**3. Oldest Living People and Longevity Records:**
– Guinness World Records tracking oldest living individuals.
– News on title changes for oldest living person.
– Coverage of individuals reaching exceptional ages globally.
– Reports on oldest living individuals in different countries.
– Recognition and benefits for oldest individuals.

**4. Notable Longevity Achievements and Reports:**
– Stories of individuals celebrating milestone birthdays.
– Secrets to long life from centenarians.
– News on oldest individuals in various regions.
– Oldest voters in elections.
– Individuals celebrating birthdays at home.

**5. Global Longevity Events and Media Coverage:**
– Reports on oldest individuals in different countries.
– News on longevity milestones and events globally.
– Media coverage in various languages and countries.
– Obituaries of notable centenarians.
– Historical context related to longevity claims and records.

Longevity claims (Wikipedia)

Longevity claims are unsubstantiated cases of asserted human longevity. Those asserting lifespans of 110 years or more are referred to as supercentenarians. Many have either no official verification or are backed only by partial evidence. Cases where longevity has been fully verified, according to modern standards of longevity research, are reflected in an established list of supercentenarians based on the work of organizations such as the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) or Guinness World Records. This article lists living claims greater than that of the oldest living person whose age has been independently verified, American-born Spanish woman Maria Branyas, aged 117 years, 38 days, and deceased claims greater than that of the oldest person ever whose age has been verified, French woman Jeanne Calment, who died aged 122 years and 164 days. The upper limit for both lists is 130 years.

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