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Magnolia wieseneri – Wikipedia

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– Magnolia × wieseneri is a multistemmed large shrub or small tree
– It may reach 6m (20ft) in height
– The plant has leathery obovate green leaves
– Leaves reach 20cm (8in) long by 10.5cm (4in) wide
– Flowers have a remarkable fragrance likened to pineapples

– A chance seedling from the garden of Sir Peter Smithers in Switzerland
– Described as Magnolia William Watson for its vigorous growth and large flowers
– Possibly a backcross with M. obovata
– Noted that specimens of M. obovata were flowering nearby
– Originated from Vico Morcote in Switzerland

– Gardiner, Jim (2000). Magnolias: A Gardeners Guide
– Published by Timber Press in Portland, Oregon
– Contains information on Magnolia × wieseneri
– Callaway, Dorothy Johnson (1994). The world of magnolias
– Published by Timber Press in Portland, Oregon

– Magnolia
– Hybrid plants
– Garden plants of Europe
– Garden plants of North America
– Ornamental trees

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