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Megan Rossi

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Megan Rossi’s Background and Career:
– Raised by a single mother on a farm near Cairns, Australia
– Studied Dietetics at Queensland University of Technology
– Conducted gut health research at Princess Alexandra Hospital
– Earned a PhD in gut health from the University of Queensland
– Moved to London in 2015
– Research Fellow at Kings College London focusing on nutrition-based therapies in gut health
– Established The Gut Health Clinic and co-founded Bio&Me
– Received awards for contributions to science and public education

Plant-Based Nutrition Advocacy:
– Identified various plant-based diets like veganism, pescetarianism, and flexitarianism
– Advocated for a plant-focused diet with occasional animal foods for balance
– Criticized plant-based junk foods and promoted whole foods for gut health
– Emphasized plant diversity for gut microbes
– Published books promoting plant-based diets and gut health

Media Presence and Publications:
– Regular appearances on ITV’s This Morning, Lorraine, BBC Morning Live, and Sky News
– Columnist for The Daily Mail
– Authored books like ‘Eat Yourself Healthy’ and ‘Eat More, Live Well’
– Featured in various media outlets and podcasts discussing gut health and plant-based diets
– Contributions to articles on plant-based diets and gut health

Expert Endorsements and Recognition:
– Endorsed by notable figures like David L. Katz and Robert Downey Jr.
– Expert opinions on gut health and plant-based eating
– Recognition from renowned health professionals
– Support for the benefits of plant-based diets for longevity and health

Gut Health and Plant-Based Diet Recommendations:
– Importance of 30 different plants weekly for gut health
– Caution against vegan junk food’s negative impact on health
– Debunking myths about gut health
– Strategies to improve gut health and overall health
– Recommendations on a plant-based diet for weight loss and illness prevention

Megan Rossi (Wikipedia)

Megan Rossi (born 10 October 1988) is a dietitian, nutritionist and author specialising in the microbiome. Her PhD in gut health received the Dean's Award top 5% for Outstanding Research Higher Degree.

Megan Rossi
Born10 October 1988

Rossi founded the website The Gut Health Doctor, including The Gut Health Clinic. In 2019, she co-founded Bio&Me a food range in the UK. She is an advocate and researcher of plant-based nutrition.

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