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National Farmers’ Union of England and Wales

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– **History**:
– Meeting held on 10 December 1908 at the Smithfield Show led to the formation of the National Farmers Union (NFU).
– First President, Colin Campbell, focused on expanding branches, increasing membership, and establishing credibility with the Government during a farming depression.
– NFU ran candidates in the 1918 general election but none were elected.
– Registered as an association of employers under the 1974 Trade Union and Labour Relations Act.
– Elected its first female president, Minette Batters, in 2018.

– **Election Results**:
– 1918 general election saw NFU candidates in six constituencies.
– NFU sponsored candidates in the 1922, 1923, and 1935 general elections.
– Notable candidates like Ernest Shepperson, Francis Blundell, and Joseph Lamb stood for the Conservative Party.
– In the 1924 general election, Ernest Shepperson and Joseph Lamb ran for the Conservative Party.
– In the 1935 general election, two NFU-sponsored candidates were elected for the Conservative Party.

– **Function**:
– NFU positions itself as The Voice of British Farming.
– It advocates for British farming and offers professional representation and services to its members.
– Engages in negotiations with the government and national organizations on behalf of English and Welsh farmers.

– **Structure**:
– Governed by its Constitution and Rules, NFU maintains various bodies responsible for its governance.
– Bodies include NFU Council, Governance Board, Policy Board, National Commodity Boards, and more.
– NFU has an office in Brussels to represent British farmers to the European Union.
– Associated with the insurance mutual company NFU Mutual.
– NFU Cymru is located at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells.

– **Archives**:
– NFU archives are housed at the Rural History Centre at Reading University.

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) is a member organisation/industry association for farmers in England and Wales. It is the largest farmers' organisation in the countries, and has over 300 branch offices.

National Farmers' Union
HeadquartersAgriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England, CV8 2TZ
  • England and Wales
55,000 Farmer and Grower members, 34,000 Countryside members
Key people
Officeholders 2022–2024: Minette Batters, President; Tom Bradshaw, Deputy President; David Exwood, Vice President; Terry Jones, Director General
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