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Order of the Golden Age

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– **History:**
– Founded in 1882 by Rev. Henry John Williams.
– Re-established in 1895 by Sidney Hartnoll Beard.
– Headquarters initially in Ilfracombe, later moved to Paignton.
– Promoted psychical research, spiritualism, and vegetarianism.
– Notable member: Josiah Oldfield, a British lawyer and promoter of fruitarianism.

– **Legacy:**
– Commemorative website created in 2006.
– Mentioned in a modern history of the vegetarian movement.
– Volumes of “The Herald of the Golden Age” digitized in 2008.

– **See also:**
– Listed among vegetarian organizations.

– **Notes:**
– Term “fruitarian” had varied meanings at the time.
– Oldfield’s fruitarian dietary was not strict.

– **References:**
– Various sources like books and articles provide historical context.
– Notable mention in “Of Victorians and Vegetarians” by James Gregory.
– Detailed overview by John M. Gilheany.
– References to Sidney H. Beard’s life and work.

The Order of the Golden Age (OGA) was an international animal rights society with a Christian, theosophical and vegetarian emphasis, which existed between 1895 and 1959.

Order of the Golden Age
Formation1895 (1895)
FoundersHenry John Williams
Dissolved1959 (1959)
PurposePromotion of animal rights
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