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Peaceable Kingdom (film) – Wikipedia

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– Documentary Overview:
– “Peaceable Kingdom” film explores farmers transitioning to veganism.
– A newer version, “Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home,” was released in 2009.
– The 2004 film showcases the creation of Farm Sanctuary for injured animals.
– Award-winning film with music by Moby.
– Endorsed by primatologist Jane Goodall.

– Producers and Advocacy:
– Producers James LaVeck and Jenny Stein created
– The website questions the humane use of animals for food.
– LaVeck and Stein have contributed to animal advocacy through their work.
– The film highlights the exploitation of animals in various industries.
– Advocates for the ethical treatment of animals are featured in the documentary.

– Awards and Recognition:
– “Peaceable Kingdom” won the Festival Theme Award at the Ojai Film Festival.
– The film has been positively reviewed by critics and viewers.
– Recognition from various film festivals and organizations.
– Music by Moby adds to the film’s impact.
– Endorsement by experts like Jane Goodall adds credibility to the documentary.

– Related Media and Resources:
– The film is part of the Animal Rights genre.
– Resources like delve deeper into animal welfare issues.
– “Peaceable Kingdom” contributes to the vegan media landscape.
– The documentary has inspired other animal rights films.
– It has sparked discussions on animal rights and ethical farming practices.

– References and Further Reading:
– Various references and articles provide additional insights into the film.
– The film has been discussed in academic and activist circles.
– Reviews and analyses of “Peaceable Kingdom” can be found in different publications.
– The documentary’s impact on animal advocacy is documented in these resources.
– Further exploration of the themes and messages in the film is encouraged.

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