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R. E. O’Callaghan

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– Life and Career:
– Born in London in 1855
– Of Irish Catholic descent
– Joined London Food Reform Society in 1880
– Known for giving lectures on vegetarianism with illustrations
– Served in various roles in vegetarian associations

– Publications:
– “The Best Diet for a Working Man” (1889)
– “The Manual of Vegetarianism: A Complete Guide to Food Reform” (1890)
– “The Diet of Health & Happiness” (1893)
– “How to Begin Vegetarianism with Months Dietary and Cookery Book” (1897)
– “The Testimony of Science Against Flesh Eating”

– References:
– FreeBMD England & Wales, Civil Registration Birth Index, 1837-1915
– Biographical Index of British Vegetarians and Food reformers
– The Vegetarian Movement in Britain c.1840–1901
– Fifty Years of Food Reform: A History of the Vegetarian Movement in England
– Nature Notes: The Selborne Society’s Magazine

– Notable Works:
– “What is Vegetarianism?” (1886)
– “Shelley’s Vegetarianism” (1891)
– “Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses” (1892)
– “Why I Am a Vegetarian” (1895)
– “Figs or Pigs?”

– Influential Figures:
Francis William Newman
Bertrand P. Allinson
Henry Stephens Salt
Ellen G. White
– Howard Williams

R. E. O'Callaghan (Wikipedia)

Robert Elliott O'Callaghan (1855 – 21 December 1936) was an English vegetarianism activist, lecturer and writer.

R. E. O'Callaghan
Portrait from Fifty Years of Food Reform (1898)
Robert Elliott O'Callaghan

1855 (1855)
London, England
Died21 December 1936 (aged 81)
Manchester, England
Occupation(s)Activist, lecturer, writer
Mary Ann Barry
(m. 1888)
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