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Ragnar Berg

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**Biography of Ragnar Berg:**
– Son of Wilhelm Berg and Ulrika Charlotta Emerentia Emy Gumaelius
– Married Ella Buscher in 1902
– Had two sons: Gunnar Wilhelm Emil and Alf Ragnar Wilhelm
– Recruited by Karl Lingner to the Dresden Center for Dental Hygiene in 1902
– Conducted experiments on vitamins, trace elements, and mineral metabolism

**Contributions to Vitamin Research:**
– Notable work: ‘Vitamins: A Critical Survey of the Theory of Accessory Food Factors’
– Published in 1923 with a bibliography of 1500 entries
– Disliked the term ‘vitamins,’ preferred ‘complettins’
– Coined the term ‘acomplettinoses’ for vitamin deficiencies A, B, and C

**Theories on Acid-Base Balance:**
– Developed theory of acid-base balance with Carl Röse
– Acid-base balance affected by diet according to Berg
– Believed inorganic acids needed to be neutralized by inorganic bases
– Recommended an alkaline-rich diet

**Involvement in Vegetarianism:**
– Teamed up with Are Waerland to promote vegetarianism
– Criticized Nazism at the International Vegetarian Union meeting in 1933
– Refused to participate in a 1935 IVU meeting due to anti-Nazi stance

**Selected Publications and References:**
– ‘Die Grundlagen einer richtigen Ernährung’ (1907)
– ‘Der Einfluss des Abbrühens auf den Nährwert unserer Gemüsekost’ (1911)
– ‘Die Vitamine: kritische Übersicht der Lehre von den Ergänzungsstoffen’ (1922)
– ‘Eiweissbedarf und Mineralstoffwechsel bei einfachster Ernährung’ (1931)
– Co-authored ‘Dictionary of Foods’ with Gayelord Hauser in 1932
– References from Axel M. Gressner, Torsten Arndt, William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi, David F. Smith, Jim Phillips, and Corinna Treitel

Ragnar Berg (Wikipedia)

Ragnar Berg (September 1, 1873 – March 31, 1956) was a Swedish-born biochemist and nutritionist who worked most of his adult life in Germany. He is best known for his theories on the importance of acid-base balance and inorganic minerals like calcium in the diet; later in life he endorsed vegetarianism and ways to prolong the human life span. He promoted an alkaline rich diet and also invented the alkaline dietary supplement Basica, which Volkmar Klopfer manufactured and marketed from 1925.

Ragnar Berg
BornSeptember 1, 1873
DiedMarch 31, 1956
Occupation(s)Biochemist, nutritionist
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