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Reasons for Not Eating Animal Food – Wikipedia

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**Historical Figures in Vegetarianism:**
– Sir Richard Phillips: English teacher, author, publisher, and vegetarianism activist.
– Joseph Ritson: 1802 vegetarian activist whose work was published by Phillips.
– Charles Walter Forward: Published ‘Fifty Years of Food Reform’ in 1893.
– W. W. Ireland: Author of ‘What Food to Eat’ in 1861.
William Alcott, Ernest Bell, Rynn Berry, Maximilian Bircher-Benner, Helen Nearing: Key figures in promoting vegetarianism.

**Vegetarian Literature:**
– ‘Reasons for not eating animal food’ by Sir Richard Phillips.
– ‘Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses’ (1892).
– ‘Why I Am a Vegetarian’ (1895).
– ‘Figs or Pigs?’ by Carol J. Adams.
– ‘The Dietetic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger,’ vol.2.
– ‘Shelleys Vegetarianism’ (1891).

**Health Benefits of Vegetarianism:**
– Improved heart health.
– Lower risk of certain cancers.
– Weight management.
– Lower blood pressure.
– Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes.

**Influential Modern Figures in Vegetarianism:**
– Chefs and cookbook authors like Nava Atlas and Mayim Bialik.
Gypsy Boots.
BOSH! cookbook.
Ellen G. White.
– Howard Williams.

**Impact of Sir Richard Phillips’ Work:**
– Advocated for vegetarian principles and a vegetable diet.
– Published ‘Reasons for not eating animal food’ pamphlet in 1814.
– Emphasized moral justifications and health benefits of a vegetable diet.
– Praised by Howard Williams for his contributions to humanitarian dietetics.
– Cited in various works on diet and veganism.

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