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Russell Thacher Trall

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**Russell Thacher Trall:**

– Biography:
– Born in Vernon, Connecticut
– Obtained M.D. from Albany Medical College in 1835
– Practiced alternative medicine in New York City from 1840
– Founded the American Hydropathic Society in 1849
– Authored the two-volume Hydropathic Encyclopedia in 1851

– Relationship with the Seventh-day Adventist Church:
– Trained Seventh-day Adventist student Merritt Kellogg
– Invited to teach health lectures in Battle Creek in 1868
– Exchanged health ideas with Ellen G. White
– Contributed to The Health Reformer magazine
– Resigned from the magazine in 1874

– Contributions to Health Reform:
– Advocated hygeiotherapy combining hydrotherapy, diet, and exercise
– Established water-cure institution in New York in 1844
– Founded the New York Hydropathic and Physiological School in 1853
– Promoted daily bathing and use of cool or cold water
– Advocated for fresh air, hygiene, and massage in treatment regimes

– Influence on Publications:
– Founded the American Anti-Tobacco Society in 1849
– Edited The Water-Cure journal, later renamed The Herald of Health
– Authored the Hydropathic Encyclopedia in 1851
– Established the New York Hygeio-Therapeutic College in 1857
– Contributed to health-related magazines and publications

**Vegetarianism Advocates:**

Russell Thacher Trall:
– Vice-President of the American Vegetarian Society
– Published the first known vegan cookbook in America in 1874
– Opposed consumption of alcohol, coffee, meat, and spices
– Advocated simple diet of Graham bread, fruits, and nuts
– Noted for extreme dietary strictures against common food items

Ellen G. White:
– Influential religious author
– Co-founder of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
– Writings emphasized health and lifestyle
– Believed in vegetarianism
– Advocated for temperance

– Howard Williams:
– British vegetarian advocate
– Wrote extensively on animal rights
– Argued for ethical treatment of animals
– Advocated for vegetarianism as a moral choice
– Influential in the early vegetarian movement

Frank Wokes:
– Nutritionist and health educator
– Promoted plant-based diets
– Emphasized the health benefits of vegetarianism
– Worked to debunk myths about vegetarian diets
– Advocated for balanced vegetarian nutrition

**Healthy Eating Advocates:**

Severin Wielobycki:
– Polish chef and cookbook author
– Known for promoting healthy eating
– Emphasized using fresh, local ingredients
– Advocated for sustainable cooking practices
– Inspired by traditional Polish cuisine

Sidney Trist:
– Vegetarian chef and cookbook author
– Known for creative plant-based recipes
– Promoted vegetarianism as a sustainable choice
– Emphasized the environmental impact of food choices
– Advocated for plant-based cooking techniques

Russell Thacher Trall (August 5, 1812 – September 23, 1877) was an American physician and proponent of hydrotherapy, natural hygiene and vegetarianism. Trall authored the first American vegan cookbook in 1874.

Russell Thacher Trall
Born(1812-08-05)August 5, 1812
DiedSeptember 23, 1877(1877-09-23) (aged 65)
Occupation(s)Hydropathic physician, writer
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