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Satya (magazine) – Wikipedia

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SUBTOPIC: Satya Magazine Overview
– American monthly magazine founded in 1994
– Covered vegetarianism, animal rights, environmentalism, and social justice
– Co-founded by Beth Gould and Martin Rowe
– Final issue released in 2007
– Promoted animal welfare after The Animals Agenda ended in 2002

SUBTOPIC: Content and Contributors
– Blended lifestyle, political, and intellectual articles
– Regular contributors included Rynn Berry and Mark Hawthorne
– Ecofeminist author pattrice jones wrote a book after an article for the magazine
– Collaborated with Peter Singer, Carol J. Adams, and others
– Martin Rowe edited a book based on Satya’s work, well received by scholars

SUBTOPIC: Criticisms and Praises
– Legal scholar Gary Francione criticized focus on animal welfare politics
Peter Singer and Bruce Friedrich highlighted the impact of animal welfare laws
– Pete McCormack praised Satya’s approach and articles
– Authors like jones and Hawthorne acknowledged the magazine’s influence
– Scholar Richard Foltz positively reviewed a book edited by Martin Rowe

SUBTOPIC: References
– Various references including reviews and articles
– Martin Rowe contributed to a vegan anthology
– Will Potter wrote about animal activism in Satya
– Friedrich discussed incremental reforms for animal activists
– Patterson’s article on a book not initially published

SUBTOPIC: Content and Themes
– Not strictly an animal advocacy magazine
– Articles balanced between animal concerns and social justice
– Eclectic content from various communities
– Emphasized different topics in each issue
– Regular features included interviews, vegan recipes, and book reviews

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