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Sidney H. Beard

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– Born in London on 14 February 1862
– Became a vegetarian in 1894
– Re-established the Order of the Golden Age in 1895
– Headquarters initially at Beards residence in Ilfracombe
– Moved headquarters to Barcombe Hall in Paignton in 1904

– Advocated abstinence from flesh and blood of animals
– Allowed fish as a transitional stage
– Defined fruitarianism as living on fruits of the earth
– Included dairy and eggs in his version of fruitarianism
– Believed fruitarianism promoted a humane and hygienic life

Selected publications:
– “A Simple Guide to a Natural and Humane Diet” (1898)
– “Is Flesh-Eating Morally Defensible?” (1898)
– “A Comprehensive Guide-Book to Natural, Hygienic and Humane Diet” (1902)
– “Our Real Relationship to God: The Lost Ideal of Christianity, by a Disciple of the Christ” (1922)

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Other publications:
– “Viva! Health” (1886)
– “Shelleys Vegetarianism” (1891)
– “Behind the Scenes in Slaughter-Houses” (1892)
– “Why I Am a Vegetarian” (1895)
– “Figs or Pigs?”

Sidney H. Beard (Wikipedia)

Sidney Hartnoll Beard (14 February 1862 – 20 October 1938) was an English fruitarian, vegetarian activist and writer. He was President of the international animal rights society, the Order of the Golden Age.

Sidney Hartnoll Beard
Born(1862-02-14)14 February 1862
London, England
Died20 October 1938(1938-10-20) (aged 76)
Putney, London, England
Occupation(s)Vegetarianism activist, writer
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