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Skimmia – Wikipedia

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– Skimmia Description:
Genus of 4 species of evergreen dioecious shrubs and small trees
– Native to warm temperate regions of Asia
– Leaves are clustered, lanceolate, 6-21cm long
– Flowers in dense panicle clusters, small, 6-15mm diameter
Fruit is red to black, 6-12mm diameter, containing a single seed

– Skimmia Botanical Name:
– Latinization of “shikimi” (Japanese name for Illicium religiosum)
– Element in “miyama shikimi” (Japanese name for Skimmia japonica)

– Skimmia Species and Subspecies:
– Skimmia anquetilia N.P.Taylor & Airy Shaw
– Skimmia arborescens T.Anderson ex Gamble
– Skimmia japonica Thunb.
– Skimmia laureola (DC.) Decne
– Skimmia laureola subsp. multinervia (C.C.Huang) N.P.Taylor & Airy Shaw

– Skimmia Pests:
– Aphids
– Horse Chestnut Scale
– Garden Leafhopper
– Southern Red Mite

– Skimmia Hybrids:
– Skimmia japonica subsp. reevesiana “Ruby King”
– Skimmia × confusa “Kew Green” (S. anquetilia, S. japonica)

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