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Skinny Bitch – Wikipedia

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– Advocacy in the Book:
– Advocates a purely vegan diet
– Includes sections on factory farming and animal cruelty
– Recommends avoiding smoking, alcohol, caffeine, chemical additives, and refined sugar
– Cites sources throughout the book, many pointing to vegan websites

– Mixed Reactions:
– The New York Times reported positive feedback from a retailer
– Criticism from A. Breeze Harper regarding race and class issues in veganism
– Co-author Kim Barnouin’s educational background raised concerns
– Varied opinions on the book’s entertainment value and appearance

– Sequels and Follow-ups:
– Several follow-up books have been written
– Includes cookbooks like “Skinny Bitch in the Kitch” and “Skinny Bitch Ultimate Everyday Cookbook”
– “Skinny Bastard” is a dietary program for men

– References and Citations:
– Rich, Motoko’s article in The New York Times provides insights
– References to other scholarly works on foodways and education
– Critiques from sources like Quackwatch and Tuscaloosa News

– Notable Figures and Authors:
– List of historical and contemporary figures related to vegetarianism
– Includes authors, activists, and scholars in the field
– Ranging from the 19th century to modern times, from various backgrounds and expertise

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