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Steve Pilot

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– Early life and education:
– Born on October 9, 1980, in Munich, Germany
– Earned a bachelors degree in engineering in 2000
– Served for two years in the German Special Forces as a paratrooper
– Studied for a Masters in Automotive Engineering
– Adopted a vegan diet after traveling around the world and watching the documentary Earthlings

– Career:
– Started Steve Pilot Fitness, a personal training business in Bangkok, Thailand
– Became one of the sponsored athletes at Unit 27 gym in Phuket
– Featured on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine
– Modeled for brands like Sunnex Jeans
– Ambassador for brands such as Sun Warrior and Reebok

– Vegan activism:
– Advocates for plant-based diets and animal rights
– Fitness regimen is based on vegan and plant-based principles

– Bibliography:
– “Get Fit Program: Mindset | Nutrition | Fitness” by S. Pilot (2020)
– “Vegan for Beginners Guide” by S. Pilot (2020)

– Selected publications:
– “The Body and Mind Connection” in Global Vegan Magazine (October 2022)
– “Handstands – how being upside down boosts your health and fitness” in South China Morning Post (2021)
– “How to Lose Weight on a Plant Based Vegan Diet” on (2021)
– “The Secret 4-Fit Method by Steve Pilot” on (2022)

Steve Pilot (Wikipedia)

Steve Pilot (born October 9, 1980) is a German model, author, fitness trainer, and vegan nutritionist  who is based in Bangkok, Thailand. As a model he has appeared on Muscle and Fitness magazine, Center Stage Magazine and Men’s Health. He has been featured in several magazines such as Phanganist, Bangkok101, Yoga Magazine and World Vegan Magazine.

Steve Pilot
Born (1980-10-09) October 9, 1980 (age 43)
Munich, Germany
Occupation(s)Model, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Author

Pilot has worked with celebrities such as Araya A. Hargate, Shannon Wiratchai, and Lydia Sarunrat Deane.

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