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Styphnolobium – Wikipedia

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– Etymology:
– From Greek
– styphno-
– stryphno-
– sour, astringent
– lobion

– Species:
– Styphnolobium comprises the following species:
– Styphnolobium affine (Torr. & A. Gray) Walp.
– Styphnolobium burseroides M. Sousa & Rudd
– Styphnolobium caudatum M. Sousa & Rudd
– Styphnolobium conzattii (Standl.) M. Sousa & Rudd
– Styphnolobium monteviridis M. Sousa & Rudd

– Uses:
– The pagoda tree is widely used in bonsai gardening
– The Guilty Chinese Scholartree was a historic pagoda tree in Beijing
– Styphnolobium japonicum (Chinese: 槐; pinyin: huái; formerly Sophora japonica) is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine

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– External links:
– Media related to Styphnolobium japonicum at Wikimedia Commons
– Styphnolobium japonicum (as Sophora japonica) Chinese Scholar Tree
– The Evil God in the Pagoda Tree Japanese folktale with the Pagoda Tree at

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