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Suzanne M. Babich

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– Babich earned a BS in dietetics from Michigan State University in 1981 and a MS in nutrition from Winthrop University in 1991.
– She obtained a DrPH from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2001.
– Babich is an adjunct professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Gillings School of Global Public Health.
– She serves as the Associate Dean of Global Health and Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis.
– Babich chairs the Board of Accreditation for the European Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation (APHEA).

– Babich identifies as a vegan-leaning, lacto ovo vegetarian for almost 50 years.
– She was involved with the editorial board of the Vegetarian Times magazine and was a nutrition adviser for the Vegetarian Resource Group.
– Babich was the primary author for the American Dietetic Association’s 1988 and 1993 position papers on vegetarian diets with Johanna T. Dwyer.
– The 1988 position paper challenged the concept of protein combining as unnecessary.
– In 1990, Babich collaborated with T. Colin Campbell on data compilation for the China Health Project.

– Babich wrote a food column called “On the Table” in the Raleigh News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer from 2003 to 2014, totaling 600 columns.
– She was awarded a U.S. Fulbright Scholar Award in 2022 to collaborate with colleagues in Croatia at the University of Rijeka.
– Babich is on the advisory board of the Coalition for Healthy School Food (CHSF), promoting plant-based foods and nutrition in schools.
– A 2nd edition of her book “Living Vegetarian For Dummies” was published in 2022.
– Babich is recognized for her contributions to public health workforce development.

– Babich’s works include the American Dietetic Association’s position papers on vegetarian diets in 1988 and 1993.
– She authored columns in the Vegetarian Times magazine and contributed to various publications on vegetarianism.
– Babich’s book “Living Vegetarian For Dummies” has been well-received and updated with a 2nd edition.
– Her research and writings have influenced the understanding and promotion of vegetarian diets.
– Babich’s publications have contributed significantly to the field of nutrition and public health.

SUBTOPIC=Professional Roles
– Babich is an adjunct professor and serves in leadership roles at various academic institutions.
– She is actively involved in public health education and accreditation efforts.
– Babich’s expertise in health policy and management is recognized through her roles at different institutions.
– She contributes to the development of public health workforce through her teaching and mentoring.
– Babich’s professional engagements span across academia, public health, and nutrition fields.

Suzanne M. Babich (Wikipedia)

Suzanne Marie Babich (born 1958), formerly Suzanne Havala Hobbs is an American public health scientist, food writer, registered dietitian and vegetarianism activist. She was the primary author for the American Dietetic Association's 1988 and 1993 vegetarian position papers.

Suzanne M. Babich
OccupationPublic health scientist
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