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– Organisation:
– Registered office in Winterthur
– President is Renato Pichler
– President is on the board of EVU
Swissveg is the largest community in Switzerland for vegetarians and vegans

– History:
– Founded on 8 August 1993 in Sennwald as SVV
– Name changed to Swissveg on 3 March 2014
– Active member of EVU and International Vegetarian Union
– Associated with ProVeg in Germany

– V-Label:
– Developed the V-Label with EVU
– Control products/services with V-Label in Switzerland
– V-Label products available in major Swiss groceries
– About 350 Swiss companies use the V-Label

– Events:
– Organizes vegetarian and vegan festivals annually
– Veganmanias held since 2011
– 2016 Veganmania in Aarau had 5,000 visitors
– Moved festival to Aarau due to lack of space in Winterthur
– Gossau, St. Gallen had 60 stands at Veganmania in 2017

– Citations Needed:
– More citations needed for various claims and information provided

Swissveg (Wikipedia)

Swissveg, previously known as the Swiss Association for Vegetarianism (German: Schweizerische Vereinigung für Vegetarismus, SVV), is a Swiss association in the legal context of article 60ff of the Swiss civil code (SCC), where members are exclusively vegetarians. Swissveg runs campaigns, organizes events with the goal to reduce the consumption of animal products.

PredecessorSwiss Reform Youth
FormationAugust 1993, 08; 30 years ago (08-08-1993)
FoundersRenato Pichler, Andreas Läuffer
PurposePromotion of veganism and vegetarianism
President and Managing Director
Renato Pichler
Marco Eberhard
Deputy Managing Director
Simone Fuhrmann Edit this at Wikidata
Formerly called
Swiss Association for Vegetarianism
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